How are the pieces are produced?

We work directly with the owners and staff of Henco Reprographics on the printing of the work. Henco uses large-format inkjet Epson printers.  Works are printed on weather-proof vinyl and adhered directly to the window.  

What are the dimensions of the window space, and how should the digital file be prepared?

The available space is 63 inches (height) x 51.5 inches (width).  The work will be printed on one, continuous sheet of material.  The print can consist of a single work sized at a fixed width of 51.5 inches, with a variable height between 55-63 inches printed full bleed, or multiple images and/or text can be combined within the 55-63 inch x  51.5 inch template.  The file should be prepared and saved within the Adobe RGB (1998) color space and the resolution should fall between 180 and 360 ppi.  

Is there a travel budget or opportunity for site visit?

Unfortunately, this project is currently not backed by any funding.  

Will you be able to provide thorough documentation of the project?

Yes.  Each exhibition will be documented and archived on the website.  Any related content will also be archived on the project blog, which welcomes both anonymous and authored comments and original posts.

After the run of the exhibition, what becomes of the artwork produced?

Based upon the artist’s preference, at the end of each run, the artwork will be peeled off the window and discarded and/or temporarily affixed to an interior space within the reprographic shop as a means of allowing our generous sponsors (Henco Reprographics) to provide examples of their work to clients and the public. Our hope is that this reinforces the temporary, site-specific nature of the work, and negates the commodity value of the piece, while emphasizing its value as a point of departure for public dialogue.